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Practical Typography: Tips to use Typefaces in your Design

Tips to use Typefaces in your Design

Let me make one point very clear that it is not a new type of typography at all and I am not going to discuss anything out of box. Today I just want to discuss some very useful and necessary rule of thumbs to use typefaces like a pro in a design.

Below are some very common questions which are expected to face by every new designer at the time of designing or at the time of interview in a company for the post of a graphic designer. Rather than making it a plethora of text I am trying to make it an interesting quiz on practical use of typefaces.

Color: A Powerful Way to Communicate with Subconscious Human Mind

understanding color and color schemes

Did you know that colors act as a very strong communication medium to our subconscious mind? As a graphic designing professional, playing with colors has become a part of my life. Today, I am going to share few things with you about color which is very interesting and essential to know for every designer. Let us first paly some color games first with our subconscious mind. This will give you a fair idea how colors silently communicate with our mind.

Popular Page Layouting Terminologies to Know

So far we have discussed about Graphic Design, its elements and principles in detail, page lay- outing tips and so on. However even after getting knowledge about these topics, designers specially beginners are not aware about the basic layouting terminologies. So here it is. The following article deals with the popular page layouting terms used in profession of graphic designing.


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