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Adobe Illustrator Introduction and it's Features

Most Important Applications in Graphic Design

Adobe Illustrator is a graphic art software. This is also called a vector drawing software. It is often used to draw illustrations, cartoons, diagrams, and logos. So firstly, I would like to explain the term “Vector” because without understanding the term vector; we cannot understand the use or purpose of this software.

How Many Types of Selection Tools in Adobe Photoshop?

How Many Types of Selection Tools in Adobe Photoshop?

Selection is the most important and very first thing to do in a designing application or programming. Programming!! Yes selection is important in programmings too but let’s not discuss it now because that is an out of topic discussion and we will discuss that later. We use Photoshop to make modifications in images, designs, and various design related to other stuff, so what you want to change and where you want to change needs to be decided before making changes?

What are some of the best graphic design training methodologies?

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